Garage Storage Solutions

Become a storage superstar with these excellent garage organisation hacks.

No storage? No problem. Get yourself sorted with our wide range of racking, giving you the perfect shelving unit for whatever and wherever you are organising.

Take a look at the latest addition to our range, the heavy-duty racking unit. Our most exciting racking yet, this shelving is extra wide with a capacity of 1200Kg. Without a doubt, this will suit all your storage needs!

With the racking sorted, here’s some handy storage hacks to get you on your way to a perfectly organised garage!

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don’t let your old toilet roll tubes go to waste with this organisational hack. Cut your empty toilet roll tubes in half and glue them together for the perfect storage solution for nuts and bolts, or other small items. Need a lockdown pastime? Make it a family event by either painting or drawing on your toilet roll tubes to make this easy storage hack stand out from the crowd.

2. Paint, paint and more paint

Many of our garages are full of nearly empty tins of paint that we are saving ‘just in case’. Transfer the paint from the tin to recycled jars to save space on your new racking. The tighter seal of the jar will also mean that your paint lasts longer for whatever your next job will be.

3. No more stacking

Store the little things with this simple hack. Gone are the days of precariously balancing containers to make the most out of your racking. We are reusing old jars again by super gluing the lid to the underside of your shelf. Simply twist the jar into the lid and here you have a fabulous floating storage solution.

4. Perfect Piping

PVC piping is the perfect affordable solution for storing your day-to-day tools. Glue the bottom of a piece of piping, about 20cm in length, to strip of wood. This sturdy storage solution is a great way of organising screwdrivers, plyers, and any other medium sized tools you may have. Why not have a section for pens and pencils so they are never out of reach when working on your DIY projects.

5. Bins and baskets

Kit your racking out with bins, baskets or whatever containers you fancy. Label them all up and you will stay organized for the rest of the year! A simple but effective hack!