Reclaimed Wood and SkiSki Legs

Be an Environmental Hero: Reclaimed Wood and your SkiSki Legs

SkiSki are not only beautifully crafted ingeniously designed hairpin legs, they also provide the opportunity to create sustainable furniture. Do your bit for the environment by using reclaimed wood for your furniture masterpieces, giving you bespoke pieces for your home.

Using reclaimed wood also keeps the cost down. Save beautiful wood that would have gone to waste by checking out second-hand marketplaces and charity shops. In no time at all you will have furniture like no other!

Let's get creative with a few of these tried and tested ideas. Which one will you try next?

The Perfect Pallet Coffee Table

Get your hands on an old pallet to create a beautiful piece for your home. The double layer can also give you shelves to hide away any mess, a superb storage solution.

A Super Side Table

Smaller space? No problem! Design your very own side table. Using a tree trunk cross section or another small piece of wood you will have a rustic side table to feature in any room.

Project Planter

Got odd pieces of wood lying around? Put them together in simple cube, add your hairpin legs and there you have it- a beautiful planter. This will take your house plants to the next level.

DIY Desk

Use any bigger piece of wood to create a beautiful desk. Perfect for those work from home days or as your very own craft station.