Stump Grinder: Clean-up Tips

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Stump Grinder: Clean-up tips

Well done! You’ve ground your way through your unwanted tree stump with our T-Mech Stump Grinder and you’ve now got quite a hefty number of grindings and chips on the ground where your tree used to be. But don’t worry! MonsterShop is on hand to help you out with the clean-up process.

Stay in the grind

The first thing to remember is that the remnants of the stump aren’t useless, and you can check out our blog on wood chip tips here .

Tree stump grindings are slightly different to wood chips, but they can be used in much the same way, particularly as mulch. So make sure to keep hold of the debris left by the stump for later use.

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Once you’ve cleared away the grindings, you’ll be left with a hole where the tree stump used to be. But that hole is full of potential! Using topsoil, you can fill in the hole. Now it’s ready to be used once again as part of your garden.

The topsoil will provide a much more solid foundation for growth, whether that be grass or perhaps even another tree, than the grindings that were in the hole before.

Get planting

Once the soil is nicely settled in, you’ll be ready to sow grass seeds on the top and rake them into the soil. Make sure to not water the seeds too much initially or the seeds will be washed away. Use a hose with a spray function to keep the ground lovely and hydrated.

If you wish to plant another tree, then you can place your new tree in the hole and fill it in with topsoil so it’s nice and snuggly and ready to begin to grow and replace the old tree stump with new life.

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