Spare Wood Chip Tips

Five Imaginative Ways to Use your Spare Wood Chips

A wood chipper is a superb way of devouring any excess twigs, leaves and branches, keeping your beautiful garden looking resplendent throughout the year.

However, when you’re done with a wood chipper, you’ll find yourself with an abundance of chips. But don’t dismay! There’s a plethora of imaginative uses for wood chips around a home and we’ve chosen the top five here.

Mulch ado about nothing?

Wood chips are naturally going to decompose over time. The bigger the chip, the longer it will take to break down.

As the wood chips break down on top of the soil as mulch, their goodness filters through and into hungry plants and trees allowing them to grow stronger than ever!

Keep those nitrogen levels nice and high by adding in some nitrogen-rich mulch with wood chips to make sure the levels in the soil remain lovely and full so your vegetation can feast.

Using wood chips as mulch will be brilliant at keeping pesky weeds below ground but also deter any naughty pests who would love to scoff down your precious flowers. Let’s not forget that they look stunning too! You can accessorise your garden with different colours, textures and sizes depending on which tree or branch has been chipped.

Boom for your mushrooms

Wood chips can be used as an effective substrate for yummy mushrooms.

Different substrates go best with different mushrooms. So, the best plan is to find out which fungi would grow amazingly tall with the help of your useful wood chips.

Chip and chase on gorgeous pathways

Wood chips are a fabulous material to use on any path or walkway within your garden.

There’s nothing better than not having to pull up those troublesome weeds every five minutes! Wood chips down on a path are amazing at keeping unwanted plants at bay and they look gorgeous in the process.

Make sure your layer of wood chips is big enough to compress which will maintain a weed-free look. You’ll also need a regular supply to top up the chips as they continue to decompose over time.

Kids play areas are also a popular destination for wood chips. They provide a sturdy material on which the children can play but also a softer landing for more exuberant play time.

Get raised beds and animal homes looking chipper

Gardens are full of life and that’s what makes them beautiful! With your excess wood chips, you can create a new place for your pets, or even wild animals and birds, to stay in your garden.

Pair these chips with wooden logs to create sensational shelters for a furry friend or a chirpy companion as well as making amazing bedding using soft chips with rounded edges only containing goodness and nutrients inside.

Wood chips are also super useful within raised beds as they continue to seep minerals into the soil as they decompose through the months and years.

Fuel up!

Wood chips are a perfect source of fuel for a small or camping stove. When on an adventure and natural fuel for your fire isn’t readily available, if you have some of your spare wood chips on you, you’re going to be enjoying your pot noodle in moments (if that’s possible!).

Make sure to use your wood chips in size-appropriate stoves. They’re sure to get the fire burning bright in those miniature stoves.

If you've got some spare wood and are looking to produce wood chips to accessorise your gorgeous garden then check out either a 6.5HP or 15HP T-Mech Wood Chipper!