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Electric Griddles

Give your kitchen a bit more sizzle.

Our stainless steel griddles are mega easy to clean and offer reliable, powerful heat.

Available in both 50cm and 70cm versions to suit your requirements, our griddle range is easily transportable.

Our griddles are a firm favourite of mobile food vendors such as burger vans, as well as restaurants, cafes and even domestic cooks we want commercial quality cooking at home.

No one likes cleaning, so that’s why all of our electric griddles have been designed with a built-in splashguard to avoid cross contamination and spillage. Our range also features a drainage trough which funnels fat away from the cooking surface, along with a removable oil draw to make maintaining your griddle easy peasy.

Get precise, evenly distributed heat with temperatures up to 300⁰c, as well as our MonsterShop 12 month electrical warranty.

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  • 50cm wide worktop electric griddle
  • UK plug fitted
  • Even heat distribution
  • Max temp 300°C