Fraud Protection

Accept no imitations.

Check the authenticity of banknotes, credit, debit, passports and ID cards easily with our fraud protection range.

Leave nothing to chance with our range of 100% accurate fraud protection products, including a handheld banknote ultraviolet scanner, automatic counterfeit cash detector and banknote fraud protection pens.

Protect your business against illegal activity and customer error with our range of counterfeit banknote detection machines that provide a simple testing solution for GBP, USD and Euro.

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way of detecting fraudulent currency, our range of banknote protection pens use a specially formulated ink that turns brown or black if the money is fake and stays clear or yellow if it’s genuine.

If you’re looking for a speedier, more automated way of checking money, our banknote forgery detector can count 100 notes a minute, with fake notes automatically identified and rejected. Easy peasy.

We also stock portable ultraviolet cash scanners, you can reduce loss by inspecting cash on the go.

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  • Check for authenticity
  • Battery operated
  • Built in torch
  • Wrist strap
  • Cost effective way of avoiding fraud
  • Fraudulent notes clearly identified
  • 5 pens per pack
  • Suitable for most currencies
  • Check for fake money
  • 2 spare 4w UV bulbs included
  • CE certified
  • FREE UV security pen
  • Check for fake money
  • Built in ruler and magnifying glass
  • CE certified
  • FREE UV security pen