Money Counting Machines

Time is money.

Get mega accurate counts of coins and massive range of banknote currencies in a flash with our money counting equipment.

If you’re still counting money by hand, you know that it's time consuming, and frankly, boring.

Our T-Mech electronic money counting equipment will allow you to an exact number on your dosh before you can ‘wow, look at all that money.’

Our money counting machines are relied upon by banks, building societies, amusement arcades, retail stores, casinos, pubs, clubs and currency exchanges to provide accurate money counts, every time.

MonsterShop cash counters have a blistering pace of up to 1300 notes per minute, with the ability to count and sort different currencies and denominations with ease. Each unit even has a built in alarm that will identify any damaged or counterfeit notes.

If you need to count coins quickly, our electronic coin counting machine can be filled with 500 mixed coins at a time, then left alone with no supervision to count and sort an amazing 270 coins per minute.

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  • Counts one note at a time
  • GBP, USD and Euro
  • Makes 8 checks for authenticity
  • FREE UV security pen
  • Counts up to 270 coins per minute
  • Load up to 500 mixed coins at a time
  • Programmable batch settings
  • FREE UV security pen