Mug Heat Press Machines

Using anything else is a mugs game.

Create impressive personalised mugs with our reliable mug printing sublimation press.

Turn boring blank mugs into brilliant, unique designs with our PixMax mug presses.

Compact and portable, our mug printing equipment is simple to operate and come with Teflon coated press surfaces to make sure your fancy new mugs always turn out great.

Our selection of premium sublimation mug presses are perfect for hobbyists, professionals and budding personalisation company owners to create amazing designs.

Our mug printing equipment comes with the 12 Month MonsterShop warranty, so in the unlikely event anything goes wrong - we’ll replace or repair your equipment for free.

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  • 5, 7, 11, 12 and 17 ounce elements
  • Operating temperature up to 430°F
  • 1-999 second timer range
  • FREE sublimation paper & heat tape
  • Create personalised mugs
  • Operating temperature up to 430°F
  • Timer range from 1 to 999 seconds
  • FREE 10 sheets of sublimation paper
  • Mug press machine
  • 72 blank sublimation mugs
  • 10 sheets of sublimation paper
  • Sublimation heat tape roll